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TIZIANA TERENZI · Sea Star Collection

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  • By Stephanie
TIZIANA TERENZI · Sea Star Collection

They say the eye wants something too. Well that worked out very well with the Sea Star Collection! It is clearly a collection that catches the eye and then we have not even talked about the scents themselves. We would like to take you into the story behind it...

But before we take you into the story behind it, let's show you why this project is so special. The project took over 2 years to complete, constantly pushing the boundaries. Only the best of the best was good enough for this project. The perfume bottles with the gilded starfish were made especially for the Terenzi family. With the showpiece, Atlantide, they went one step further. This fragrance is packed in crystal clear certified seawater, for which a special waterproof packaging was developed.


The Story Behind the Sea Star Collection

With their birth city by the sea, Tiziana and Paolo grew up in childhood with a passion for the water and its infinite mysteries. A passion passed on to them by their grandfather Evelino, an experienced sailor and "Old Sea Dog". Paolo loves to sail in his beloved, custom-made sailboat Telea. Don't expect an ultra luxurious yacht, it is as he calls it the place to come to yourself, read good books and listen to Jazz. Given to them by their grandfather, they know the ropes of sailing and the influence of the wind on the direction. This brings us to the smells.


We start right away with the showpiece of the collection: Atlantide. 







Inspired by Atlantis, a legendary and mysterious city, whose myth was first mentioned by Plato in the works Timaeus (17-27) and Critias, in the fourth century B.C. A mysterious city that only the starfish have seen. The discovery of Atlantis is also seen as the longest and most fascinating journey one can take, the journey into the deepest depths of one's inner self. Immersing oneself in the most innate and animal emotions, in the irrational part of our being of which we are not aware.

The fragrance opens with sparkling and convincing notes, beautiful Calabrian Bergamot, also called green gold, giving it a strong Italian identity from the outset. It is accompanied and enriched by the intense and elegant scent of old rose with a soft-sweet embrace of passion fruit. The heart warms to sophisticated seduction when the unsettling scent of Narcissus. The unmistakable, hypnotic aroma intensifies from the "flower of sin," with its carnal and intoxicating aftermath, tuberose. During the Renaissance, young girls were forbidden to smell the narcotic perfume, for fear that they would be "tempted." A similar prohibition also applied in India, where its name, KiRani, means "suitor of the night." The flower diffuses its aroma after sunset, and it was believed that young girls would be drawn into an oblivion of sentimentality from which there was no escape. The fragrance is best described as white floral.



Named after Paolo's sailboat; Telea. Telea is designed to fulfill the desire to sail, ready to face any type of sea or ocean, but above all as a secret hideaway, a place to come to oneself and find inspiration for new creations and new challenges, a place to breathe. The creation opens with a roar of happiness and joy, the sound of sparkling life encapsulated in the vibrant citrus fruits such as Calabrian Bergamot and Sicilian Oranges, highlighted by the intoxicating sweetness of Hawthorn from Mikonos, the softness of Bulgarian Rose and the tenderness of Pear from Romagna. This head, full of happiness, plunges like summer into a blue sea, a beating heart of color and sound. The hypnotic and sensual power of magical flowers such as Jasmine from the Locride (Calabria), Peruvian Heliotrope and YlangYlang from the Philippines, embrace precious essences and aphrodisiacs. Red Patchouli and Ambergris, harvested beneath the Mediterranean waves, especially emerge.


Cubia, referring to the ship's cubia eyes. These "eyes" is the hole on the bow of the ship through which both the anchor chain and the mooring lines pass. These eyes were painted to ward off the evils of the sea and to sail along the right routes. Cubia is a symbol of good luck, guarding against evil and protecting the boat, bringing sailors luck and prosperity. Cattolica, the birthplace of Paolo and Tiziana, has traditionally been a seafaring town and for this reason has been given the Cubia eye as its emblem. The fragrance opens with a citrus bouquet, where echoes of Sorrento Lemon and Calabrian Bergamot are embraced by Brazilian Orange. This sparkling head rests on the sweet scent of Romagnolian peaches, counterbalanced by the pungent scent of blackcurrant. This sweet and opulent composition is based on precious and very rare woods. The famous Atlas Cedar, native to North Africa, is embraced by the seductive power of Indonesian Patchouli and Indian Sandalwood.



Since the wind is as important in sailing as the sea, the wind direction could not be missed.



Poggia comes from the Italian verb for rest. A term used in sailing and maritime circles, it means to bear, to voluntarily move the bow of the boat away from the direction in which the wind is blowing, giving the boat itself greater thrust and stronger acceleration. Poggia embodies the spirit of this acceleration, enhancing the subtle sensuality of the hot summer wind to give the generous and lingering scent. The creation opens with a sparkling citrus bouquet, where the reverberations of Calabrian Bergamot are caressed by fragrant Sorrento Lemon, while strong echoes of Syrian Blood Orange are combined with the sparkling sweetness of Yellow Peach from Romagna. With acrobatic acceleration, the head plunges into a complex heart, almost an abyss of emotions related to speed. The tantalizing Rosemary is soothed by the compelling embrace of Polynesian Ylang Ylang, a powerful aphrodisiac highlighted by the charm of Turkish Rose and the sweetness of Green Apple and Passion Fruit.



Orza from the Italian verb for to windward. To luff means to move the bow of a sailboat in the direction of the wind. By staying upwind, the wind will blow in front of the boat, which then changes the side from which the wind is blowing. This is called tacking in maritime terms, that is, a change of course and perspective. A new perspective, encompassing all the elements of challenge and wonder, is exactly what this innovative creation offers.Navigating against the wind, before starting again on a new route and towards a new beginning! The creation opens with an explosion of fruits. Green Apple, Calabrian Mandarin and Red Plum from Romagna are highlighted by Coconut and forest fruits such as Raspberries and Blackberries from the Dolomites.

This bouquet of fruits is surrounded by precious flowers such as Mexican Magnolia and the strong sensual and enchanting scent of Himalayan Orchid. This resounding opening lies gently on a sublime floral heart, where one can feel the joyous presence of Indian Jasmine and Lily of the Valley blended with the elegance of Bulgarian Rose.





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