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  • By Stephanie

How can it be that a fragrance in one person evaporates, while the same fragrance in another person remains for a long time? It all has to do with the condition of the skin and the perfume you choose. Musk, for example, is a carrier of fragrances. Want to know more? Read it here..

You know the drill. After putting on your perfume, the scent seems to have disappeared after a short time, while the scent stays with someone else for hours. How frustrating that is! But fortunately you can do something about it. There are several factors that affect how well a perfume smells on you. In this blog, we will discuss the two most important ones, namely; the type of perfume & the status of the skin.


First of all, the status of the skin


The condition of the skin is a big determinant when wearing perfumes. For example, the PH value affects how a perfume develops (provided it is a fragrance with essential oils). The condition of the skin plays a role in how long you smell a fragrance. On dry skin, for example, the perfume does not 'stick' well. Fragrance substances in a perfume need greasiness in order to bind and therefore linger. The less oily the skin, the less grip the perfume has. Properly moisturising the skin is therefore of great importance. In addition to drinking sufficient water (hydration from the inside), it is also important to lubricate the skin daily with a nourishing body lotion or body butter (hydration from the outside). Besides the body lotion containing hydrating ingredients, it is important that musk is added. Musk has the property of carrying fragrances. This is one of the reasons why musk is used in many fragrances. 


The WHITE MOSS body lotion from ACCA KAPPA is such a nourishing body lotion. The body lotion contains essential oils of Lemon extract for its invigorating and vitalising effect. The added provitamin B5 has a soothing, softening and skin-caring effect. In addition, the body lotion contains Sodium PDC and Equisetum Arvense extract. Sodium PDC is a highly effective moisturising and nourishing agent. It helps the Natural Moisterizing Factor (MNF), a natural component of the skin that can retain and gradually release water to keep the skin hydrated. Equisetum Arvense extract, also known as horsetail extract, is a perennial grass. The extract is rich in silicon, calcium, potassium and magnesium. It is considered an excellent restorer and is a valued remedy for fragile capillaries due to its astringent effect on the blood vessels. It also tones and improves elasticity, making it a good adjuvant in the treatment of skin ageing and sagging.


Is the skin extremely dry? Then the ACCA KAPPA WHITE MOSS shea body butter is recommended. This contains, among other things, shea butter and sweet almond oil. The Karité Shea tree is indigenous to West Africa. The local people often call it the tree of health and beauty. Its fruit is an oval-shaped berry with one or two large seeds. The butter obtained by pressing the seeds has a large unsaponifiable fraction and a high content of fatty acids and vitamins. Its significant nourishing, moisturising and softening properties make it an essential ingredient. It is used for the prevention and treatment of skin ageing and wrinkles. Sweet Almond oil is one of the oils containing the highest percentage of fatty acids. The oil has long been known and appreciated for its soothing, sweet, nourishing and calming properties and because it is well tolerated even by sensitive skin. Rich in vitamins E, B, proteins, glucides and mineral salts. It is very good in fighting the effects of skin ageing (especially in the treatment of dry and red skin)

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